Yuz Rewards Program

Any reason is a good reason to enjoy Yuzu sushi!

Even more so if you’re registered for our Yuz Rewards Program. It’s easy; just download the Yuzu application. You’ll be able to order quickly, earn yuz (they’re like points, but with a cooler name!), and save! Plus, we have exlusive promotion for all of our members! A good start, no?

These are all the details you need to remember:
  1. Download the Yuzu app
  2. Register for the Yuz Rewards Program
  3. Order and enjoy!

*Use your accumulated yuz like dollars and spend them on future orders. Earn 20 yuz for every dollar spent (500 yuz = $0.50, 1000 yuz = $1) You get the idea; The more you order, the more you earn!